Webinar recording | Unveiling the future of battery innovation

On May 14th, an exclusive webinar showcased seven groundbreaking projects in the field of battery innovation. This event featured in-depth presentations by each project’s technical coordinator, followed by a dynamic discussion with the audience, providing a deep dive into the forefront of battery technology.

Recap of the Event:
  • BATSS: Focusing on safe and efficient battery systems based on advanced cell technology.
  • EXTENDED: Developing the next generation of multifunctional, modular, and scalable solid-state battery systems.
  • FASTEST: Creating a fast-track hybrid testing platform for battery system development.
  • NEXTBAT: Introducing next-generation technologies for battery systems in transport electrification.
  • NEXTCELL: Advancing high-performance Li-ion battery cells.
  • TEMPEST: Innovating safe-by-design, recyclable, high-performance, and lightweight batteries.
  • VERSAPRINT: Providing versatile printed solutions for safe and high-performance battery systems.

This webinar offered valuable insights for a diverse audience, including:

  • Policy Makers: Gained understanding of how to shape energy policies to support innovative battery technologies.
  • Engineers: Discovered the technical nuances of next-generation battery systems.
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs): Explored new business opportunities in the evolving battery market.

The webinar was an opportunity to be at the forefront of battery innovation, offering a glimpse into the future of energy storage and electrification. The insights shared during the event aim to shape the way stakeholders think about battery technology and its critical role in the energy transition.

You can find the recording of the webinar here:

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