SRIA 2024: Exploring the Future of Battery Innovation

As a testament to its role within the European battery innovation ecosystem, NEXTBAT has been featured in the latest edition of BATT4EU’s Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA). This acknowledgment underscores the project’s proactive involvement and commitment to shaping the future of battery technology.

The SRIA is jointly crafted by the European Commission and the Batteries European Partnership Association (BEPA) and serves as a guiding framework for the European battery sector, synthesizing insights from leading experts to drive competitiveness and sustainability. It not only informs Horizon Europe’s initiatives but also shapes future funding opportunities.

Within this dynamic R&D landscape, NEXTBAT is poised to contribute to the ongoing evolution of battery technology. With a commitment to innovation and collaboration, NEXTBAT embodies progress in electrification, green technology, and mobility.

The ‘musts’ for paving the way for European battery innovation

SRIA 2024 outlines key strategic actions for the European batteries R&I community, presenting collaborative research projects proposed by the BATT4EU Partnership. It represents the culmination of contributions from hundreds of European battery experts, organised in Working Groups and Task Forces each covering different battery topics.

BATT4EU aims to create Europe’s premier innovation ecosystem by 2030, fostering a competitive, sustainable, and circular battery value chain. Its mission is to catalyze the transition towards a carbon-neutral society by empowering Europe to bring next-generation battery technologies to market by 2030. These advancements will facilitate the widespread adoption of zero-emission mobility and renewable energy storage solutions.

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The document highlights Europe’s crucial moment to seize this opportunity. Market demand for batteries is on the rise, not only from the electric vehicle market, but also for use in other mobility applications. Additionally, the potential of batteries to advance Green Deal objectives, the strategic importance of the battery sector, and the constantly changing nature of this rapidly developing technology underscore the necessity for strategic alignment among European actors.

To achieve these goals, the new SRIA identifies six imperatives:

  • Ensure that research results reach gigafactories and the markets.
  • Increase the strategic autonomy of Europe by reducing the reliance on foreign critical raw materials.
  • Improve battery affordability to accelerate the green transition and keep the European industry competitive.
  • Improve the flexibility of battery manufacturing and recycling systems.
  • Implement a safe and sustainable by design framework for batteries.
  • Support the continuity of excellent European battery research and academic-industrial cooperation.

NEXTBAT and the quest for a sustainable, competitive European battery industry

The imperatives outlined in SRIA 2024 closely resonate with NEXTBAT objectives, especially in establishing a safe and sustainable battery design framework. The project is dedicated to crafting the most sustainable safe-by-design battery system, integrating novel materials and processes to enhance performance, safety, and recyclability.

By prioritizing the reduction of production costs through improved recyclability and digitalized production methods, NEXTBAT not only enhances competitiveness within the battery industry but also drives towards pioneering industry standards. This paves the path for a more agile, efficient, and sustainable European battery ecosystem.

Furthermore, NEXTBAT aims to bridge the gap between academia and industry, ensuring that groundbreaking research findings translate seamlessly into real-world applications, empowering European markets.

Eyes on the Horizon of Europe’s battery innovation

Looking ahead, the SRIA emphasizes that investing in advanced battery technologies is pivotal to fulfilling Europe’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and transitioning to a more sustainable future. This strategic investment not only promotes environmental sustainability but also ensures economic growth and technological leadership, bolstering Europe’s global standing.

To be a part of this and learn more about SRIA 2024, delve into the details and access the full document on the official website.

All the information about the NEXTBAT project and our journey towards creating the safest, most sustainable battery system is available in our website and our newsletter!

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