NEXTBAT in a nutshell: how is our project advancing towards safer, greener batteries design?

Check out our latest project video highlighting our objectives and the roadmap for NEXTBAT.

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest NEXTBAT project video, offering a comprehensive guide to how we’releading the charge in showcasing the pivotal role of battery design in accelerating electrification for transport and mobile applications. This video encapsulates all you need to know about NEXTBAT: our mission, goals, impact, anticipated pilots… and more!

At NEXTBAT, we’re envisioning a future where batteries go beyond just powering vehicles; they serve as the cornerstone of a cleaner transport paradigm. Our mission is centered on developing the safest, most sustainable battery systemy. This effort includes digitalizing production, reducing the carbon footprint through recyclability, and enhancing performance with advanced battery management. To achieve this, NEXTBAT is introducing pioneering materials and processes, while striving for new industry standards in the European battery sector.

For a closer look at our initiatives and impact, we invite you to dive into our video:

Stay tuned for updates on NEXTBAT’s progress!

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